Friday, August 31, 2012

Clicking around

So today while i was clicking around on the internet, i found an article by the Huntington post that talks about how triangular shape UFO's have been recently spotted in multiple countries around the world!! The page also has a video that captured a strange sighting over London recorded from the window of a plane mid-flight. This article was only put out a few months ago, so it could mean good news for us in the case of increased sightings. Check back soon!

check it out here!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Official

Day 1.
 Finally!!! An idea that both Josh and I have put into action. It's taken a while and Let's hope it lasts!
We already have our first case which we spotted in the local papers' police logs. On the night of August 28th there were a few dozen phone calls (we were told by a local cop) into the station about a sighting of 3 big lights in the sky shaped in a triangular fashion, which when we asked our pal the cop he replied that it was the  international space-station (ISP) and that they were notified of it a few day before hand. However, if you've ever looked up and seen the space-station at night, you will notice that it is only one light and not 3 shaped in a triangular form. You can also see the space-station on a regular basis, so why would they have been warned in the first place if you can see it almost every night? This link shows how to spot the ISP at night.
We also have a friend at a local gas station who had witnessed the event. He has names of others for us to get into contact with and possibly have a few interviews so we can get a better idea of what we might be dealing with. Ill be keeping up to date with everything we might dig up. Check back soon!!!