Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's been a while...

Hey followers its been a little while. There are a few reasons why that is tho. Currently we are waiting on our equipment to come in. In the mean time Josh has to attend to a few personal matters, and I have been busy with work. However we still have at least 2 maybe 3 cases we can check out once we get our equipment in.In one case the house owner is claiming to have a strange blue orb that appears around her house and she is not sure what it could be. I cant wait to check it out. Its kinda tough finding any other cases because not many people find this to be a practical hobby, but Josh and I will continue , and we would love if you could spread the word about us!!! In the mean time here are a few links that you can check out for some cool stories on paranormal happings. Dont forget to check back soon!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Its been a little while since our last post, so i'll catch up with this one. about two weeks ago josh and I along with a few tag-alongs went over to Pine hill cemetery. We got there around 12:30 and began walking around in one group. after a short time of exploring we decided to split up and see if we could cover more area that way. While josh went off and did a solo session with his tape recorder, i went down to the other side of the cemetery where is was supposed to be haunted by the ghosts of the young children who are buried in that area. I spent probably around 45 minutes to a good hour walking around, listening and waiting for something but not much really happened. I did however come across a grave site where that date was their birthday. I decided to sit down next to it and ask a few probing questions. I never received any answers, but after a few questions, it became increasingly cold around me without any wind blowing that night. After i left the immediate area it became warm again. Kinda eerie. Josh was on the other side of the cemetery and did have his recorder on him while he did his questions. we have been waiting to analyze this tape till we get a new device because josh did manage to drop the recorder into some water ruining the speakers. We have been kind of on a little break from hunting lately due to Josh's health reasons. He has been going through a tough time lately and could use some support. So if you would like please drop an email to us here or on our facebook group. And remember check back soon for more!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Now on Facebook!

We are now on facebook! We have our own facebook group now titled the same as the blog if you would want to "like" us or join our group to get updates on facebook! You can even leave a comment! We will be adding pictures and videos to out facebook group as well as posting them on our blog so you can have easy access to our material. We also  have some more ideas that we are waiting for the right moment to put into action. Only another week or so until we get our EMF detector as well and we are super excited for that! Check back soon for more!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Conflicting stories?

So Josh and I have not given up on this UFO story just yet. One of our consistent customers at the pizza shop is none other then Josh's cousin. He also happens to be a local police officer. He also just happens to be the responding officer to the calls that came in from the South maple st gas station where the UFO was spotted. So after asking him a few questions we have found out that what the previous officer we spoke to was not exactly telling us the truth. From what we were told it was NOT the space station. He told us that it was to big and moving to slow to be the ISS. He explained to us that it almost looked like 3 Japanese  lanterns tied to a triangle shaped tarp. We are now just waiting on reaching the other witnesses to gather as many different stories as we can. But so far there have been some constants in every story. 3 big lights, triangle shaped, and weird movement. Ill be updating with everything we can come across as soon as possible! Check back soon for more!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you for all of those who are taking the time to check in at our new site especially those of you who are checking us out on Reddit!!We are really starting to get a lot of traffic flow! Remember if you want to get regular updates from us you have to sign up with your email here on the right hand side of the page! Thanks again and check back soon!!!

I think I did!?

I think i saw what all the buzz was about the past few days! On my way home from work i spotted a triangular shaped craft just above the tree line. I saw it out of my driver side window as i was headed towards West Springfield when it appeared to be past the river behind the water treatment plant and it was slowly drifting to the side over the treeline. I lost it in the tree line and raced down past the gas station (ended up blowing a red light)  to try and catch it again for a split second and then it was gone. I'm certain it wasn't a helicopter and it was kinda low if it was an airplane. I also had my window down and I didnt hear any noise coming from that direction. It only had 3 round lights so i have no clue exactly what i saw but i know i saw something! Check back soon for more!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More to Come!

So for those of you who have begun to follow us we just want to let you know that along with our on going investigation into the UFO sightings around town, we already have 2 Encounters with ghosts that we will be trying to look into. One is already a certain and we're working on  getting into the second. The encounter we will be looking into shortly, we have been told, is an apparition of a lady who may have been alive in the early 20's. She has been sited multiple times and doesn't seem to want to slow down! We will be making a dry run of the place shortly but we will have video and voice recordings. We will hopefully also have video and some recordings of our interviews with some of the people who have sighted the local UFO. Check back soon for more!!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Clicking around

So today while i was clicking around on the internet, i found an article by the Huntington post that talks about how triangular shape UFO's have been recently spotted in multiple countries around the world!! The page also has a video that captured a strange sighting over London recorded from the window of a plane mid-flight. This article was only put out a few months ago, so it could mean good news for us in the case of increased sightings. Check back soon!

check it out here!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Official

Day 1.
 Finally!!! An idea that both Josh and I have put into action. It's taken a while and Let's hope it lasts!
We already have our first case which we spotted in the local papers' police logs. On the night of August 28th there were a few dozen phone calls (we were told by a local cop) into the station about a sighting of 3 big lights in the sky shaped in a triangular fashion, which when we asked our pal the cop he replied that it was the  international space-station (ISP) and that they were notified of it a few day before hand. However, if you've ever looked up and seen the space-station at night, you will notice that it is only one light and not 3 shaped in a triangular form. You can also see the space-station on a regular basis, so why would they have been warned in the first place if you can see it almost every night? This link shows how to spot the ISP at night.
We also have a friend at a local gas station who had witnessed the event. He has names of others for us to get into contact with and possibly have a few interviews so we can get a better idea of what we might be dealing with. Ill be keeping up to date with everything we might dig up. Check back soon!!!