Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Conflicting stories?

So Josh and I have not given up on this UFO story just yet. One of our consistent customers at the pizza shop is none other then Josh's cousin. He also happens to be a local police officer. He also just happens to be the responding officer to the calls that came in from the South maple st gas station where the UFO was spotted. So after asking him a few questions we have found out that what the previous officer we spoke to was not exactly telling us the truth. From what we were told it was NOT the space station. He told us that it was to big and moving to slow to be the ISS. He explained to us that it almost looked like 3 Japanese  lanterns tied to a triangle shaped tarp. We are now just waiting on reaching the other witnesses to gather as many different stories as we can. But so far there have been some constants in every story. 3 big lights, triangle shaped, and weird movement. Ill be updating with everything we can come across as soon as possible! Check back soon for more!!!

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  1. If things work out we should hear from one of our witnesses tomorrow night and hopefully hear back from one of the 3-4 others that witnessed the 6-light formation in early August over South Maple Street in Westfield.